Volume 2022

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NoLanguageIssueYearAuthor / AuthorsTitleKeywordsContent (scope range)DOI:Download link
1ENG12022Machelski CzesławIntensity of load on road bridges in a congestion situationSafety of road bridge, Congestion, Numerical analysis1-1410.35117/A_ENG_22_01_01Pobierz
2ENG12022Pila Jan, Martinec FrantisekMethod of movement control of unmanned vehicles according to specified trajectory of movement and safety considetations Aviation unmanned system; Built-up agglomerations; Safety; Pilot operator; Flight route; Control method; Established trajectory15-2310.35117/A_ENG_22_01_02Pobierz
3ENG12022Rymsza Barbara, Kacperczak KrzysztofPedestrian crossings for the visually impaired peopleroads, pedestrian crossings, people with the visually impaired24-3610.35117/A_ENG_22_01_03Pobierz
1ENG2-32022Wyszywacz WiktorUAS Regulations in The Aspect of Unmanned Aviation SafetyUAS; Safety; Threats; Risk; Regulations; Safety management; SORA 1-1110.35117/A_ENG_22_02_03_01Pobierz
2ENG2-32022Jafernik Henryk, Muszyński Tomasz, Puzio ŁukaszThe development of a concept of an unmanned glider-tug and cargo unmanned aerial
vehicle with electric drive
UAV; Tug; Global Positioning System (GPS); Galileo 12-2110.35117/A_ENG_22_02_03_02Pobierz
3ENG2-32022Jafernik Henryk, Krasuski Kamil, Ćwiklak Janusz, Wierzbicki DamianApplication of the SBAS/EGNOS positioning method to determine UAV coordinatesSBAS, EGNOS, BSP, mean errors, DOP 22-3010.35117/A_ENG_22_02_03_03Pobierz
4ENG2-32022Nowobilski Tomasz, Szóstak MariuszInspection of the technical condition of scaffolding using unmanned aerial Unmanned aerial vehicle; Drone, Scaffolding; Construction industry; Occupational health and safety 31-3710.35117/A_ENG_22_02_03_04Pobierz
5ENG2-32022Szóstak Mariusz, Nowobilski TomaszApplication of unmanned aerial vehicles in construction industry Unmanned aerial vehicles; drone; Literature review, Construction industry; Occupational health and safety 38-4510.35117/A_ENG_22_02_03_05Pobierz
6ENG2-32022Mackiewicz Piotr, Mączka ErykDrone usage for pavement damage identificationDrone; Pavement damage; DJI SPARK, Damage Identification46-5710.35117/A_ENG_22_02_03_06Pobierz
7ENG2-32022Dzido HannaUse of drones in offshore wind farm inspectionswind energy, offshore, drones, wind farms, drone inspections, maritime inspections, marine aviation, offshore, offshore wind energy, safety air operations, risk analysis 59-6710.35117/A_ENG_22_02_03_07Pobierz
8ENG2-32022Cwojdziński LeszekProspects for the development and use of Unmanned Aerial Systems Unmanned aerial vehicle; UAV; Quadrocopter; Drone; Multisensor technologies; AI; UAV; Stealth 68-7310.35117/A_ENG_22_02_03_08Pobierz
1ENG4-52022Engelhardt JuliuszDeclarations for the construction of new conventional railway lines in the years 1990 - 2020 Transport policy; Railway infrastructure; Linear investments 1-1010.35117/A_ENG_22_04_05_01Pobierz
2ENG4-52022Kiepura JarosławDevelopment of rail connections in the Three Seas region Railway connections; Three Seas; Transport network 11-4210.35117/A_ENG_22_04_05_02Pobierz
3ENG4-52022Koc WładysławThe moving chord method for determining the curvature of the track axis railroad; curvature of the track axis; verification of a new calculation method; determination of application possibilities 43-5710.35117/A_ENG_22_04_05_03Pobierz
4ENG4-52022Makuch JacekExamination of the cross-section shape of tram frogsTram tracks; Diagnostics; Frogs 58-6910.35117/A_ENG_22_04_05_04Pobierz
5ENG4-52022Berger Peter, Dąbrowski MichałHow the InfraGuardTM Intelligent Slope and Embankment Monitoring System increases safety in railroads Monitoring system; Slope; Embankment; Safety in railway issues 70-7710.35117/A_ENG_22_04_05_05Pobierz
6ENG4-52022Dąbrowski Adam, Kruk Robert, Ochociński KrzysztofThe planned TEN-T railway corridor "Baltic Sea - Black Sea - Aegean Sea" as an opportunity for economic development of Eastern Poland accessibility, railway infrastructure 78-8910.35117/A_ENG_22_04_05_06Pobierz
1ENG62022Lesiak PawełIncreasing the competitiveness of rail transport in Poland by revitalizing railway stations and sidings Rail freight transport; Railway sidings; Railway stations; Transport infrastructure; Railway competitiveness1-810.35117/A_ENG_22_06_01Pobierz
2ENG62022Fortońska AgnieszkaResponsibility of the operator for the operation of the unmanned aerial vehicle - selected issues Drone; Civil liability; Criminal Liability9-1410.35117/A_ENG_22_06_02Pobierz
3ENG62022Wach KarolStatutory discounts as a barrier to the integration of bus and rail transport Tariff integration; Ticket; Statutory discount 15-2210.35117/A_ENG_22_06_03Pobierz
1ENG72022Korzeń Mariusz, Szczepanek WojciechAnalysis of the possibilities of improving public transport in Wrocław with the use of a water tram Water tram; Wrocław Water Junction; Collective transport 1-1110.35117/A_ENG_22_07_01Pobierz
2ENG72022Mieloszyk Eligiusz, Milewska Ania, Wyroślak MariuszMethods of deep modification of low-bearing soil for the foundation of new and spare air runways Runways; Runways load; Ground reinforcement; Blasting agents 12-2410.35117/A_ENG_22_07_02Pobierz
3ENG72022Białek Kamil, Wetoszka PatrykIntelligent video surveillance of containers in the view of electromagnetic compatibility tests Electromagnetic Compatibility; Diagnostics; Radiated emission 25-3210.35117/A_ENG_22_07_03Pobierz
4ENG72022Ukleja PawełCategory A + C passage in the light of applicable regulations A category crossing; BUES 2000 33-3610.35117/A_ENG_22_07_04Pobierz
1ENG8-92022Sokołowski MarekModification of the metro rolling stock maintenance process, taking into account the condition of selected vehicle components Metro; Rolling stock; Maintenance system 1-410.35117/A_ENG_22_08_09_01Pobierz
2ENG8-92022Jarczewska Alicja, Wachnicka JoannaProblems in training and examining of cyclists in Poland Cycling safety; Cyclist; Bicycle training; Training of cyclists; Examining of cyclists; Cycling education; Cycling licence; Cycling proficiency test. 5-2110.35117/A_ENG_22_08_09_02Pobierz
3ENG8-92022Kycko Magdalena, Adamski Dominik, Zawadka ŁukaszETCS (ESC) and GSM-R (RSC) compatibility tests in polish conditions ESC / RSC tests; Compatibility; ERTMS, ETCS 21-2910.35117/A_ENG_22_08_09_03Pobierz
4ENG8-92022Burek JędrzejTechnological solutions for the efficient protection of workers in the track area Technological solutions; Trackway; Railway line30-4110.35117/A_ENG_22_08_09_04Pobierz
5ENG8-92022Duszyński RemigiuszProtection of under ballast mats against damage Due to loads from railroad tracksMechanical stabilization; Hexagonal geogrids; Under ballast mats; Railway trackbed42-5110.35117/A_ENG_22_08_09_05Pobierz
6ENG8-92022Brona Przemysław, Dąbrowski Adam, Piwowar BeataImproving the safety of railway transport by changing the system of examining and monitoring drivers Train driver; Training; Examination; Simulator 52-5810.35117/A_ENG_22_08_09_06Pobierz
7ENG8-92022Kłopotowski Eryk, Cwojdziński LeszekCompensation and reduction of carbon dioxide emissions in international aviation CORSIA, EU ETS, CO2; Emission; Civil aviation; Sustainable development of aviation 59-7010.35117/A_ENG_22_08_09_07Pobierz
1ENG102022Nita Piotr, Linek MałgorzataInfluence of the media used in the operation of aircraft on the durability of airport cement surfaces Concrete airport pavement; Operating media 1-710.35117/A_ENG_22_10_01Pobierz
2ENG102022Poświata Adam, Pietruszewski Paweł, Włodarski PiotrInfluence of unevenness of airport pavements on technical condition and safety of air operations Pavement unevenness; Evaluation criteria; Dynamic action plane - surface; Grooving pavement; Maintenance treatments; The functional element of the airport 8-1710.35117/A_ENG_22_10_02Pobierz
3ENG102022Wesołowski Mariusz, Blacha Krzysztof, Kowalewska AgataA quick method of improving the load-bearing capacity of natural airport pavements Carrying capacity; Natural airport pavement; Safety Conducting air operations 18-2710.35117/A_ENG_22_10_03Pobierz
4ENG102022Semkło Łukasz, Wróblewska AgnieszkaComparative analysis of the friction coefficient of various airport pavementsFriction; Runway; ASFT 28-3510.35117/A_ENG_22_10_04Pobierz
1ENG112022Grunke IreneuszThe use of simulators in the training process of train drivers and train and station dispatchers Training; Simulator; Metro 1-810.35117/A_ENG_22_11_01Pobierz
2ENG112022Engelhardt JuliuszPlanned spatial arrangement of high-speed railway lines in PolandRailway development in Poland; Railway component of the CPK project; High Speed Railways 9-2110.35117/A_ENG_22_11_02Pobierz
3ENG112022Beroud Alan, Golańska EwelinaRail transport in the Warsaw agglomeration as a determinant of sustainable transport Agglomeration; Railway transport; Suburban train 22-3310.35117/A_ENG_22_11_03Pobierz
4ENG112022Majewski JakubEcological incentives as a component of rail freight's expansion potentialSustainable Transport; Green Supply Chains; Climate Policy; Freight Rail Development 34-4110.35117/A_ENG_22_11_04Pobierz
1ENG122022Lejk JerzyRisk in transport projekts Risk; Source of risks; Risk factor 1-1410.35117/A_ENG_22_12_01Pobierz
2ENG122022Stolarski Marek, Żyłkowska JoannaThe influence of railway lines on the life of wild animals Railway lines; Environmental impact; Wildlife 15-1810.35117/A_ENG_22_12_02Pobierz
3ENG122022Motylewicz MarekMeasurements of traffic parameters and conditions in traffic noise research Traffic noise; Traffic conditions; Traffic parameters; Measurement methods 19-2710.35117/A_ENG_22_12_03Pobierz
4ENG122022Bilski Marcin, Małek Anna, Nowak JacekThe effect of a starch-based stabilizing admixture on a change in the consistency of a concrete mix Concrete mix; Starch; Concrete consistency 28-3410.35117/A_ENG_22_12_04Pobierz