In 2023, 12 issues are planned
The price of one single issue (minimum volume 32 pages) is PLN 27

it is allowed to combine selected numbers (then their volume and price will be correspondingly higher); the above price refers to the numbers ordered in the subscription (individual numbers purchased separately may have a higher price)

Subscribers can use various discounts:

  1. for payment "in advance" for the whole year 10%,
  2. for students 10%,
  3. for members (branches, departments) SITK 10%,
  4. ordering more than 5 copies 10%,
  5. while continuing subscription 10%,

Discounts are sumed with a reservation that their total value can not exceed 20%,
hence possible options for subscription fees for a year 2023:
with a discount 10% = 291.60 PLN, with a discount 20% = 259.20 PLN.


Domestic subscription costs are covered by the editorial office.
In the case of subscription and international shipping please contact us individually.

Orders should be submitted by e-mail, by post or by phone:

Hanna Szary
ul.Czackiego 3/5, 00-043 Warszawa
Phone: (22) 827 02 58, 506 116 966

It is convenient to use the order form, which is available by clicking the button below.

After we receive the order, we will send an invoice.
Please do not pay any amounts before receiving the invoice.

The editorial department also have archival numbers of the "Przegląd Komunikacyjny" (from 4-5-6 / 2010) - they can be ordered just like a subscription of the whole yearbook

Archive numbers from 2004-2009 can be ordered
in the Kraków department of SITK,

ul. Siostrzana 11, 30-804 Kraków,
Phone: 12 658 93 74,

Please note, the above prices include 5% VAT tax.