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Przegląd Komunikacyjny” (eng. Transportation Overview), eISSN 2544-6037 publishes articles related to broadly understood transport and transport infrastructure. This includes technical, economic and legal issues. Materials related to geography, history and transport sociology are also accepted.

Original version of the journal declaration

Full versions of articles and abstracts are available on the journal's website in Polish (from 2010) and English (from 2016) as OPEN ACCESS.

At the end of 2018, "Przegląd Komunikacyjny" started indexing English articles using DOI digital numbers. The journal is applying for participation in the SCOPUS database. Articles sent to us in English are registered in the international DOAJ database https://doaj.org/ and are assigned a digital DOI ID.

Articles that provide a scientific contribution to the discipline of civil engineering and transport are subject to substantive review procedures in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education, which allows them to be included in the scientific achievements after publication and in the evaluation of the quality of scientific activities (Journal of Laws 2019 item 392).

Przegląd Komunikacyjny obtained 20 points in the evaluation of authors derived from the authorship of scored journals.

Articles go through two stages of the review. The first one is a "technical" review, controlling the compliance of the submitted material with the requirements contained in the information for authors. After passing the "technical" assessment stage, the "substantive" review follows. Reviewers are specialists in a given field. The reviewers are anonymous. The essential evaluation of the substantive review is suggested by the editorial board: rejection of the article, acceptance without comments or acceptance with comments. After the positive conclusion of the review process, the article is ready to be published in the Przegląd Komunikacyjny” .

The editorial staff does not return the materials sent. On request, it is possible to authorize the material prepared for printing.

Our mission is to contribute to the development of science in the field of civil engineering. Furthermore, We enjoy the opportunity to exchange knowledge among scientist thus our magazine does not charge any fees:

  1. for the review process and the publication of content (currently publications are free of charge),
  2. to author to process or publish a article - this includes article processing charges (APCs), submission charges, page charges, colour charges or any instance (just free of charge).

Information for authors

Editorial requirements for authors can be found on a separate page - click the button.

Articles published in "Przegląd Komunikacyjny" are available in the databases of 20 technical libraries and are indexed in the following databases:

Each issue of the "Przegląd Komunikacyjny" focuses on the leading topic, for which you can submit publications after the announcement in the "Call for Papers" (if it is avaliable). Sometimes the leading topic is related to a specific conference or seminar (bearing the magazine's media patronage). Then, in the "Przegląd Komunikacyjny", selected conference papers are posted. It is possible to send articles not related to the leading subject. They will be associated thematically and issued in due time. The priority of the publication will concern the leading subject in accordance with the schedule included in the subsequent issues.


Publisher offers media patronage for conferences, debates, seminars, etc. The patronage includes:

  • announcing special initiatives in the magazine,
  • posting selected papers / speeches after adjusting them to editorial requirements,
  • publication of final information (summaries, appeals, conclusions),
  • distribution of the above information to the indicated recipients.

Prices are negotiated individually depending on the scope of the order. Attractive discounts are possible.

Contact person in this case:

Hanna Szary
ul. Czackiego 3/5, 00-043 Warszawa, phone: (22) 827 02 58, 506 116 966