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Articles go through two stages of the review. The first is a "technical" review, controlling the compliance of the material sent with the requirements contained in the information for authors (general information tab). After passing the "technical" assessment stage, the "substantive" review follows. Reviewers are specialists in a given field. The reviewers are anonymous. The essential evaluation of the substantive review is suggested by the editorial board: rejection of the article, acceptance without comments or acceptance with comments. After the positive conclusion of the review process, the article is ready to be published in the "Przegląd Komunikacyjny".

At the substantive review stage, the article is evaluated according to the following criteria:

  1. A department to which an article can be included:
Rail transport, rail transport infrastructure
Road transport, road infrastructure, bicycle routes
Shaping mobility, traffic control
Air, water and intermodal transport, ropeways
Bridge engineering
Law in transport
General and review issues
  1. The scientific significance of the article (very important / important / less important)
  1. Is the title of the article appropriate to the journal (yes / no)
  1. Does the summary and keywords correspond to the content of the article (yes / no)
  1. Article in terms of content (it is without comments / requires making corrections / is unacceptable)
  1. Are the source materials current and relevant to the content of the article (yes / no)
  1. The article in technical terms (it is without comments / requires making corrections / is unacceptable)
  1. Overall assessment - final: (the article is suitable for publication without changes / after introducing changes / the article is not suitable for publication)

In addition, the Reviewer gives detailed comments justifying the substantive and technical assessment.