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NoLanguageIssueYearAuthor / AuthorsTitleKeywordsContent (scope range)DOI:Download link
1ENG12017Ciechański ArielNarrow-gauge heritage railways - opportunities and threats. Polish achievements in comparison to experiences neighboring countriesNarrow-gauge railways; Railway tourism; Transformation-economic and political system1-1110.35117/A_ENG_17_01_01Pobierz
2ENG12017Kozłowska Małgorzata, KlaudiaAnimal traffic on the road. Limitation in the traffic. Legal regime related to the traffic organisationAnimal traffic on the road; Road dedicated for animal prodding; Animal prodding12-1610.35117/A_ENG_17_01_02Pobierz
3ENG12017Kozłowska Małgorzata, KlaudiaConsistency and certainty of the road marking system as a subject of protection based on the offence law. Analysis of the characteristics of the o* ence from article 85 § 1 of offence codeRoad markings; Inviolability of road marks and signals; Road infrastructure17-2310.35117/A_ENG_17_01_03Pobierz
4ENG12017Matuszak Zbigniew, Michaluk Agnieszka, Jaśkiewicz Marek, Stokłosa Józef, Zielonka KarolThe Analysis of Threats Arising from the Relations of Dangerous Cargoes and the Rail-Road Infrastructure Illustrated by the Case of Selected Regions of PolandDangerous cargos; Truck transport; Railway transport; Road infrastructure; Railway infrastructure24-3510.35117/A_ENG_17_01_04Pobierz
5ENG12017Suszczewicz MichałYouth and transport on the periphery – the image and using of local passengers transport of young people journey in Wschowa county (Lubuskie Voivodeship)Passengers transport; Transport accessibility; Transport preferences36-4710.35117/A_ENG_17_01_05Pobierz
1ENG22017Jagiełło AleksanderThe role of the Bus Rapid Transit in public transportBRT; BRT Lite; BRT Heavy; Full BRT; Metro-Bus; BHLS1-910.35117/A_ENG_17_02_01Pobierz
2ENG22017Koniak MarcinThe impact of working conditions package traction on the exploitation of buses with electric drivePackage traction; Electric drive10-1510.35117/A_ENG_17_02_02Pobierz
3ENG22017Klemba SzymonIntegrated tariff systems in transport – Poland and abroadTransport System; Public Transport; Integrated Transport16-2910.35117/A_ENG_17_02_03Pobierz
4ENG22017Hebel Katarzyna, Wołek Marcin, Wyszomirski OlgierdThe role of car in urban travels of residents of Gdynia in 2015 in the light of the results of marketing researchCar; Urban travel; Marketing research30-3610.35117/A_ENG_17_02_04Pobierz
5ENG22017Suda JózefMisstatements of GPS- location of public transport vehicles in WarsawPublic transport; Location; GPS37-4510.35117/A_ENG_17_02_05Pobierz
6ENG22017Tłoczyński DariuszThe potential competitiveness of the air transport industry as a determinant of development and the availability of temporary roads to airportsAir transport companies; Potential competitive air transport; Airports; System airport links46-5510.35117/A_ENG_17_02_06Pobierz
1ENG32017Rembkowska Agnieszka, Kurzempa AleksandraConstruction and operation of transportation by rope – competence of the authorities and the rights of partiesTransportation by rope; Competence of the authorities; Rights of parties1-1110.35117/A_ENG_17_03_01Pobierz
2ENG32017Rudnik SebastianO.I.T.A.F. and CEOC as examples of international organizations and associations dealing with transportation by ropeInternational organizations; Non-governmental organizations; NGO; Transportation by rope; Technical inspection; Conformity assessment system; OITAF CEOC12-1910.35117/A_ENG_17_03_02Pobierz
3ENG32017Olszyna Grzegorz, Tytko AndrzejThe role of rope research in a safe process operation of cablewaysRope diagnostics; Rope damage; Magnetic testing; Visual testing; Wire ropes20-3410.35117/A_ENG_17_03_03Pobierz
4ENG32017Olszyna Grzegorz, Rokita Tomasz, Wojcik MarianTesting of used cableway components before re-installing these railwaysDiagnostics; Visual resting; Non Destructive Testing (NDT); Drives testing; Grips35-4110.35117/A_ENG_17_03_04Pobierz
5ENG32017Olszyna Grzegorz, Rokita Tomasz, Wojcik MarianHave bicable aerial ropways got a future?Monocable aerial ropeways; Bicable aerial ropeways; Rope transport42-5210.35117/A_ENG_17_03_05Pobierz
6ENG32017Kwaśniewski Jerzy, Krakowski Tomasz, Molski Szymon, Ruta Hubert, Szybowski JakubTechnical and metrological aspects of non-destructive tests of selected elements of rope transport installationsDiagnostic; Non-destructive testing; Ropeways53-6410.35117/A_ENG_17_03_06Pobierz
7ENG32017Mackiewicz Piotr, Szydło AntoniThe effectiveness of cableways in solving traffic problems on the example of ropeway functioning in Wroclaw University of Science and TechnologyCable railway; Public transport; Traffic65-7410.35117/A_ENG_17_03_07Pobierz
1ENG42017Gadziński Jędrzej, Bul RadosławPlanning new public transport line based on accessibility criteriaAccessibility; Public transport; GIS1-1010.35117/A_ENG_17_04_01Pobierz
2ENG42017Kruszyna MaciejTramways Program as a stimulus for the introduction of less conventional solutions in the field of urban transport infrastructureInvestments in urban transport infrastructure; Unconventional solutions; Wroclaw Tram Program11-1910.35117/A_ENG_17_04_02Pobierz
3ENG42017Kampczyk Arkadiusz, Skoczylas EwelinaGeometrical layouts of railroad switches applying single turnoutsRailroad switches; Railroad switches; Crossover; Single turnout; Single point; Geometry of turnout; Measurement of layout; Examination of turnouts; Straight railway segment; TSI20-3210.35117/A_ENG_17_04_03Pobierz
4ENG42017Jurkowski Wojciech, Smolarski MateuszKoniecpol prosthesis as a stimulant of railway transport developmentRailway infrastructure; Revitalization; High-speed rail; Competetiveness33-4110.35117/A_ENG_17_04_04Pobierz
5ENG42017Chyliński PiotrNational integrated cyclic timetable (KZCRJ)Railway operations; Integrated timetable; Passenger rail service42-4810.35117/A_ENG_17_04_05Pobierz
6ENG42017Engelhardt JuliuszThe transfer of ownership of Regional Railway to governments provinces 2008-2015. What's next ... ?Decentralization of State; Regional Railway Transportation; The privatization of the Passenger Railway Companies49-6010.35117/A_ENG_17_04_06Pobierz
1ENG52017Kwiecień SławomirThe influence of loading plate diameter on the results of trial load tests of dynamic replacement columnsDynamic replacement; Load plate test; Numerical analysis1-910.35117/A_ENG_17_05_01Pobierz
2ENG52017Zydroń Tymoteusz, Wojciechowska-Dymańska Małgorzata, Gruchot Andrzej, Zalesk TomaszInfluence of moisture content of cohesive soils on their shear strengthCohesive soils; Moisture content; Shear strength10-1910.35117/A_ENG_17_05_02Pobierz
3ENG52017Gruchot Andrzej, Zawisza Eugeniusz, Zydroń Tymoteusz, Klimek EwaThe impact of a test method on the liquid limit of the selected cohesive soilsCohesive soils; Liquid limit; Cone penetrometer; Casagrande apparatus20-2810.35117/A_ENG_17_05_03Pobierz
4ENG52017Rotkegel Marek, Szot Łukasz, Kapała Michał, Dras MarekNew construction of rail for underground suspended monorails as an example of typi% cation for deep mining transport in the mines of JSW SAMining; Transport; Queue suspended; Rail29-3910.35117/A_ENG_17_05_04Pobierz
1ENG62017Pachla Filip, Radecki-Pawlik Bartosz, Stypuła Krzysztof, Tatara TadeuszOptimization of the protection against railway vibrations on the example of railway control building in Biała RawskaRailway vibrations; Design of vibroizolation; Vibroizolation of building1-1210.35117/A_ENG_17_06_01Pobierz
2ENG62017Lewiński AndrzejThe threats of wire and wireless data transmission systemsin rail tra& c and management systems including cyber and terroristic attacsWired and wireless data transmission13-2510.35117/A_ENG_17_06_02Pobierz
3ENG62017Szwaczkiewicz KamilaOptimizing the process of railway geometrical layout designing with multi-criteria assessment methodGeometrical layout; Upgrading; Multi-criteria optimization; GA; LCC26-3310.35117/A_ENG_17_06_03Pobierz
4ENG62017Bryja Danuta, Popiołek AdamInitial validation of the method for simulating the dynamic interaction between pantograph and overhead contact lineOverhead contact line; Pantograph; Dynamic interaction; Numerical simulation; Validation of simulation method34-4510.35117/A_ENG_17_06_04Pobierz
5ENG62017Dąbrowski JózefSystems of protection against stray currents and their monitoring and protection against shock on the II line of the metro in WarsawSystems of protection; Metro; Current straying46-5810.35117/A_ENG_17_06_05Pobierz
6ENG62017Kycko MagdalenaThreats and risks in certification processesRisk; Certification; EC verification59-6510.35117/A_ENG_17_06_06Pobierz
1ENG72017Makuch JacekProposal of city tram-train line for WrocławTram-train; Infrastructure; Kassel model1-1110.35117/A_ENG_17_07_01Pobierz
2ENG72017Gisterek IgorMatching the platform edge placement to rolling stock in existing tram systems on the example of WroclawUrban transport; Tramway; Platform; Tramway stop12-2310.35117/A_ENG_17_07_02Pobierz
3ENG72017Rogowska MartaTesting railway capacity using modern microsimulation programsMicrosimulation; RailSys; Railway capacity24-3310.35117/A_ENG_17_07_03Pobierz
4ENG72017Engelhardt JuliuszMethodical basis for comparative analysis of rolling stock modernization economic effectivenessCamp Railway; Economic analysis; Efficiency of investment34-4010.35117/A_ENG_17_07_04Pobierz
5ENG72017Koc WładysławThe application of nonlinear curvature sections in the turnout diverging trackRailway turnouts; Curvature modelling; Analysis of horizontal ordinates41-5110.35117/A_ENG_17_07_05Pobierz
6ENG72017Bednarek DominikConstruction methodology of straddle monorail guidewayMonorails; Guide way; Construction methodology; Precast beam52-6110.35117/A_ENG_17_07_06Pobierz
1ENG82017Kampczyk ArkadiuszMeasurement of geometric visibility conditions level railroad crossingsLevel crossing; Grade crossing; Triangle visibility; Metric level crossing; Measurement level crossing; Pedestrian crossing; Cross-walk; Level railroad crossings1-1110.35117/A_ENG_17_08_01Pobierz
2ENG82017Koc WładysławModeling variable curvature on the turnout diverging track lengthRailway turnout; Modeling curvature; Horizontal ordinates analysis12-2410.35117/A_ENG_17_08_02Pobierz
3ENG82017Dobrucki Dariusz, Skotnicki ŁukaszSand equivalent as an evaluation of unbound mixtures suitability for road pavement layersSand equivalent; Unbound mixture; Base layer25-3310.35117/A_ENG_17_08_03Pobierz
4ENG82017Gaca StanisławRoad transportation - selected aspects and the role of infrastructure developmentRoad transportation; Road design; Design regulations34-4410.35117/A_ENG_17_08_04Pobierz
5ENG82017Wolek Czesław, Grosel Jacek, Kowerski SebastianThe effect of bicycle road surface on cycling energy consumptionCycling tra& c; Surface of the cycling path; Energy expenditure of a cyclist45-5710.35117/A_ENG_17_08_05Pobierz
6ENG82017Machelski Czesław, Hildebrand MaciejStrengthening of a road bridge due to a very large loadRoad bridge; Large load; Strengthening58-6610.35117/A_ENG_17_08_06Pobierz
7ENG82017Lewandowski PatrykThe problem of degrading of public road categories in light of the Public Roads Act“Cascade” act; Road categories; Public roads67-7210.35117/A_ENG_17_08_07Pobierz
8ENG82017Stoeck TomaszDysfunction of the road system connecting the left and right-bank part of SzczecinUrban transport system; Tra" c congestion; causes and consequences of dysfunction73-7910.35117/A_ENG_17_08_08Pobierz
1ENG92017Zbieć Andrzej, Wysocki GrzegorzDynamic research of rolling stockTransport; Rail Vehicles; Dynamics1-1010.35117/A_ENG_17_09_01Pobierz
2ENG92017Podwórna MonikaNumerical analysis of beam rail bridges - impact factors in the vertical de) ectionRandom Vertical Track Irregularities; Composite Steel-Concrete Railway Bridge; High-Speed Train11-1710.35117/A_ENG_17_09_02Pobierz
3ENG92017Machelski CzesławThe vehicle impact on the corrugated steel shell in soil-steel structuresSoil-steel structures; Impact of vehicle on the shell; Dynamic; Inves-tigation of the structures18-2910.35117/A_ENG_17_09_03Pobierz
4ENG92017Mieloszyk Eligiusz, Grulkowski SławomirAnalog modelling in qualitative analysis of vibration propagationAnalog modeling; Vibrations; Vibration propagation; Construction stability30-3710.35117/A_ENG_17_09_04Pobierz
5ENG92017Janas LucjanThe acoustic specificity of steel railway bridgesNoise; Steel bridges; Railway38-4510.35117/A_ENG_17_09_05Pobierz
6ENG92017Szcześniak Wacław, Ataman MagdalenaVibrations of thick plate resting on a deformable foundation under impulse loadThick plate; Impulse of force; Generalized Winkler’s foundation46-5410.35117/A_ENG_17_09_06Pobierz
7ENG92017Szcześniak Wacław, Ataman MagdalenaMoving oscillator on the floating bridgeFloating bridge; Viscoelastic moving oscillator; Forced and free vibrations55-6210.35117/A_ENG_17_09_07Pobierz
1ENG102017Koc Władysław, Palikowska KatarzynaDetermination of the optimal curvature of the turnout diverging track for HSR using dynamic analysisRailway turnouts; Curvature modelling; Dynamics analysis1-1110.35117/A_ENG_17_10_01Pobierz
2ENG102017Kwiatkowska EwelinaResearch quality railroad crossings with under sleepers padRailway turnout; Vibration isolation; Track quality12-1910.35117/A_ENG_17_10_02Pobierz
3ENG102017Kwiatkowska EwelinaQuality and vibration isolation of Level crossingLevel crossing; Vibration isolation; Track quality20-2510.35117/A_ENG_17_10_03Pobierz
4ENG102017Rabiega Józef, Chrobok RomanInvestigation of the truss spans of railway bridge under operating loadTruss; Bridge, Railway26-3510.35117/A_ENG_17_10_04Pobierz
5ENG102017Kowalik Rafał, Sadowski EmilMathematical modeling and analysis of dynamic phenomena turnout railRailway track; The wheel rail contact; Normal force36-4410.35117/A_ENG_17_10_05Pobierz
6ENG102017Dyduch Janusz, Kornaszewski MieczysławNew systems in management of railway traffic in PolandManagement of railway; Railway traffic45-5310.35117/A_ENG_17_10_06Pobierz
7ENG102017Rudnik SebastianRatification by Poland of the European Agreement on Main Inland Waterways of International Importance (AGN)Agreement on Main Inland Waterways; AGN; international agreement; treaty54-6010.35117/A_ENG_17_10_07Pobierz
1ENG112017Huderek-Glapska SoniaWhat does the success of an airport mean and when it contributes to the regional economy?Airport management; Company success factors; Airport impact1-1010.35117/A_ENG_17_11_01Pobierz
2ENG112017Fellner AndrzejCritical infrastructure of the airport determined with PBN ICAO implementationSafety case, PBN, SESAR, ATM11-2410.35117/A_ENG_17_11_02Pobierz
3ENG112017Laskowski JanEvolution of the civil aviation security standards in the European UnionCivil aviation security; Terrorism; European Union Law25-3110.35117/A_ENG_17_11_03Pobierz
4ENG112017Wesołowski Mariusz, Poświata AdamAirfield pavements as an element of critical infrastructure in the airport safety management processAirfield pavements; Critical infrastructure; Safety; Air operations; Aircraft32-3910.35117/A_ENG_17_11_04Pobierz
5ENG112017Chudyba ŁukaszFastening systems to concrete sleepers – comparison of the operating characteristics of fastening systems SB and W14Fastening system SB; Fastening system W14; Laboratory research of fastening system; Technical Speci' cations for Interoperability40-5110.35117/A_ENG_17_11_05Pobierz
1ENG122017Marszałkiewicz JakubThe threat on airports from unmanned aerial vehiclesUAV; Unmanned aerial vehicle; Drone; Airport; Critical infrastructure1-1010.35117/A_ENG_17_12_01Pobierz
2ENG122017Tłoczyński DariuszState policy in relation to public airfieldAirports; Airfield; Transport policy11-1810.35117/A_ENG_17_12_02Pobierz
3ENG122017Augustyniak WojciechAnalysis of break-even points of Polish regional airportsAirports; Profitability; Break-even point19-2510.35117/A_ENG_17_12_03Pobierz
4ENG122017Fellner RadosławUnmanned aerial vehicles as a tool to support aerodrome servicesUnmanned aerial vehicles; Aerodrome; Airport, Safety26-3210.35117/A_ENG_17_12_04Pobierz
5ENG122017Głowacki Paweł, Loroch LeszekHazards in the Polish Civil Aviation resulting from engines failuresCivil Aviation; Engines failures33-4210.35117/A_ENG_17_12_05Pobierz