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NoLanguageIssueYearAuthor / AuthorsTitleKeywordsContent (scope range)DOI:Download link
1ENG12019Żyluk Andrzej, Jasztal MichałAircraft armament – Polish traditions and achievementsMilitary aviation, Aircraft armament; History; Construction; Scientific works1-910.35117/A_ENG_19_01_01Pobierz
2ENG12019Olejnik Aleksander, Kachel Stanisław, Henzel Maciej, Zalewski PiotrEducation and research activity of The Institute of Aviation Technology of The Mechatronic and Aerospace Department of The Military University of Technology for aviationInstitute of Aviation Technology; Aviation staff; Aerospace engineering10-1710.35117/A_ENG_19_01_02Pobierz
3ENG12019Dzido HannaRisk analysis in the supervision processRisk analysis; safety management system; Risk Based Oversight; Safety Performance Indicators18-2510.35117/A_ENG_19_01_03Pobierz
1ENG22019Lewandowski KrzysztofDraisine railway of the Bobru ValleyRail line; Protection; Draisine haulages1-2010.35117/A_ENG_19_02_01Pobierz
2ENG22019Dyrcz Jakub, Pashkevich AntonAir traffic analysis of General Aviation in the airports of the South PolandGeneral Aviation; Aircraft operation; Airport21-3710.35117/A_ENG_19_02_02Pobierz
3ENG22019Rutkowski MarcinThe phase nature of safety costs in civil aviationSafety costs; Civil air transport38-4410.35117/A_ENG_19_02_03Pobierz
4ENG22019Prusik Jacek, Rogalski TomaszAutomatic removal of the plane from a spin using fuzzy logic controllerSpin; Automatic control system; Simulation45-5310.35117/A_ENG_19_02_04Pobierz
1ENG32019Guzik Mirosław, Lesiak PiotrMeasurement of clips geometry for elements fastening rail to sleepersRailway track; Rail fastening; SB4 clips; 3D scanning1-1110.35117/A_ENG_19_03_01Pobierz
2ENG32019Dyduch Janusz, Zielaskiewicz Henryk Development of logistic services in rail transportLogistics services; Transport policy; Terminal service infrastructure; The market for the transport of goods, infrastructure reloading12-1610.35117/A_ENG_19_03_02Pobierz
3ENG32019Antonowicz Mirosław, Zielaskiewicz Henryk, Kornaszewski MieczysławDevelopment of logistic services in rail transportIntermodal Terminal; Handling capacity; Model17-2010.35117/A_ENG_19_03_03Pobierz
4ENG32019Paś Jacek, Cholewa AndrzejDevelopment of logistic services in rail transportTurnout; High speed railway line; RAMS21-2810.35117/A_ENG_19_03_04Pobierz
1ENG42019Pyza DariuszTransport technologies in intermodal transportIntermodal transport; Transport technologies; Intermodal terminals1-1710.35117/A_ENG_19_04_01Pobierz
2ENG42019Lewandowski KrzysztofProposal to build new roads for rail transport in Lower SilesiaNew tracks; Lower Silesia; Betterment; Offer; Public transport18-2710.35117/A_ENG_19_04_02Pobierz
3ENG42019Korczyński KarolSpatial accessibility to public transport in a medium sized city using the example of SanokSpatial accessibility; Urban transport; Middle-sized cities28-3910.35117/A_ENG_19_04_03Pobierz
1ENG52019Brzeziński Karol, Michalczyk RafałChanging the dynamic characteristics of the track to reduce noise emissions
- numerical study
Track decay rate; Track dynamics; Rail dampers; Noise reduction; FEM1-1710.35117/A_ENG_19_05_01Pobierz
2ENG52019Kraśkiewicz Cezary, Oleksiewicz Wojciech, Wasilewski KacperSelected laboratory tests on under sleeper pads (USP) used in the railway track systemUnder sleeper pads (USP); Material tests; Stiffness; Durability; Resistance to severe environmental conditions18-3010.35117/A_ENG_19_05_02Pobierz
3ENG52019Kraśkiewicz Cezary, Medyński Jarosław, Oleksiewicz Wojciech, Stańczak DominikaLaboratory pull-off tests for bond strength of under sleeper pads (USP)Under sleeper pads (USP); Material tests; Pull-off bond strength; Resistance to severe environmental conditions31-4210.35117/A_ENG_19_05_03Pobierz
4ENG52019Dyduch Janusz, Kornaszewski MieczysławSelection of exploitation data from railway traffic control devices for the purposes
of gathering and analyzing data processes from railway transport objects
Railway traffic control devices; Exploitation data; data selection; Information gathering and analysing43-5310.35117/A_ENG_19_05_04Pobierz
1ENG62019Makuch JacekMeasurements of transverse section wear of rails in tracks of tram-loopTram tracks; Diagnostics; Profile Gauge1-1010.35117/A_ENG_19_06_01Pobierz
2ENG62019Lalewicz Piotr, Bryja DanutaAerodynamic coefficients of railway vehicles in cross-wind – introduction and preliminary researchRailway vehicles; Cross-wind stability; Aerodynamic coefficients; CFD analyses11-2010.35117/A_ENG_19_06_02Pobierz
3ENG62019Lesiak Piotr, Podsiadło RafałSimulation of geometric pattern of surface flaws in railway railsComputer graphics; Rails; Patterns of surface flaws; Simulation; Contact forces21-3010.35117/A_ENG_19_06_03Pobierz
4ENG62019Stencel GrzegorzAnalysis of the occurrence of headchecks in railsDefects in railway rails; Headcheck31-3710.35117/A_ENG_19_06_04Pobierz
5ENG62019Antonowicz Mirosław, Zielaskiewicz HenrykIntermodal terminals, aspects of the selection of design solutionsIntermodal transport; Transport system; Intermodal terminal; Design process38-4510.35117/A_ENG_19_06_05Pobierz
1ENG72019Engelhardt JuliuszThe perspectives of development of high-speed rail network in the European Union till the year 2050High-speed rail; European Union1-1110.35117/A_ENG_19_07_01Pobierz
2ENG72019Kruk Robert, Piwowar Beata, Brona Przemysław, Ochociński KrzysztofCriteria for choosing the location of investment projects for building new
or modernizing existing intermodal terminals to be co-financed in the future EU financial perspective
Railway infrastructure; Intermodal transport12-1810.35117/A_ENG_19_07_02Pobierz
3ENG72019Koc WładysławSmoothed transition curve for railwaysRailway layout; Transition curve; Ordinates analysis19-3110.35117/A_ENG_19_07_03Pobierz
4ENG72019Wilk Andrzej, Specht Cezary, Koc Władysław, Karwowski Krzysztof, Chrostowski Piotr, Szmagliński Jacek, Dąbrowski Paweł, Specht Mariusz, Judek Sławomir, Skibicki Jacek, Skóra Marcin, Grulkowski SławomirResearch project BRIK: development of an innovative method for determining
the precise trajectory of a railway vehicle
Research project; Railway layout; GNSS/INS/MLS measurements32-4710.35117/A_ENG_19_07_04Pobierz
1ENG82019Stypuła KrzysztofPractical aspects of applying the principles of environmental protection against vibrations in the process of preparation and implementation of railway investmentsEnvironmental Protection; Vibrations, Railway investments1-1210.35117/A_ENG_19_08_01Pobierz
2ENG82019Serafin Marek, Zaremba RyszardPolish Central Transportation Port - market analysisPolish Central Transportation Port; Market analysis; Transit trac13-2710.35117/A_ENG_19_08_02Pobierz
3ENG82019Dąbrowski JózefDoes complying with the norms for railway sleepers with anchoring ensure that the requirements of the standard for the track are met?Open construction tracks; Electric resistance of the railway sleeper; Conductance of the rail transition – ground; Track circuits; Stray currents28-3210.35117/A_ENG_19_08_03Pobierz
4ENG82019Wrześniak IwonaThe expropriation of ownership for building a public road - procedure – compensationExpropriation of real estate; Compensation; Special road act33-4210.35117/A_ENG_19_08_04Pobierz
1ENG92019Lewiński Andrzej, Perzyński TomaszTelematics as a future method for improving the safety of rail transportRail systems; Safety; Models of the systems1-910.35117/A_ENG_19_09_01Pobierz
2ENG92019Garlikowska Magdalena, Szlendak MichałHazards generated by railway trac and their minimalization by implementation of the research project „Train Driver 5.0”Railway trac; Train driver; Hazard10-1810.35117/A_ENG_19_09_02Pobierz
3ENG92019Serafin Marek, Zaremba RyszardIntroduction to forecasts for the "great CPC" - demand approachPolish Central Transportation Port; Market analysis; Transit trac; Demand19-2810.35117/A_ENG_19_09_03Pobierz
4ENG92019Kozaczka Nina, Gaca StanisławAn attempt to evaluate the inuence of automated vehicles on tr ac ow and design of road infrastructureAutomated vehicles; Road infrastructure; Self-driving cars29-3810.35117/A_ENG_19_09_04Pobierz
5ENG92019Jasiński Sławomir, Maciejewski Mariusz, Wontorski Paweł, Wychowanski WawrzyniecrmRailProtector 4.0 – the innovative Rail-Mil components based family for the ERTMS/ETCS L1 functionalityEurobalise; ERTMS/ETCS; ber-optic interface39-4810.35117/A_ENG_19_09_05Pobierz
1ENG102019Szmagliński JacekAnalysis of geometrical layout of tram tracks based on the railway methodsTram rails; Motion kinematics; Comfort and safety1-1210.35117/A_ENG_19_10_01Pobierz
2ENG102019Szafrański MarekThe influence of railway vehicle modeling approach on the dynamic response of a bridge spanRailway bridges; Railway loads; Vehicle-bridge dynamic interaction13-2310.35117/A_ENG_19_10_02Pobierz
3ENG102019Grzegorek MichałThe analysis of the rail accessibility to the health resorts in the Dolnośląskie and Małopolskie voivodshipsRailway transport; Transport accessibility; Health resort24-3610.35117/A_ENG_19_10_03Pobierz
4ENG102019Zielaskiewicz HenrykDangerous materials in intermodal transportTank-containers; Development of intermodal transport; Dangerous materials; Storage yards security systems37-3910.35117/A_ENG_19_10_04Pobierz
1ENG112019Bryja Danuta, Chojnacki WojciechTwo-way Hertzian spring in numerical analysis of coupled train-track system vibrationsTrain-track system; Vibration simulations; Contact problem; Hertzian spring1-1110.35117/A_ENG_19_11_01Pobierz
2ENG112019Podwórna Monika Response of short span bridges under mooving high-speed trainShort span simply supported railway bridge; Vehicle-bridge interaction, Resonance12-1910.35117/A_ENG_19_11_02Pobierz
3ENG112019Mieloszyk Eligiusz, Milewska Anita, Grulkowski SławomirDynamic systems for the analysis of the behavior of geosynthetics in railway engineering structuresGeosynthetics; Dynamic systems; Non-classical operational calculus20-2810.35117/A_ENG_19_11_03Pobierz
4ENG112019Ataman Magdalena, Szcześniak WacławVibrations of the plate with elastic core resting on the Winkler foundation caused by a moving oscillatorVibration of plate with elastic core; Winkler foundation; Moving oscillator29-3810.35117/A_ENG_19_11_04Pobierz
5ENG112019Szcześniak Wacław, Ataman Magdalena Change of constraints in rope articulated structuresArticulated structures; Change of constraints39-4610.35117/A_ENG_19_11_05Pobierz
1ENG122019Matusiewicz MariaDeveloping a sustainable urban transport policy in the & eld of supply in the face of the latest challengesSustainable urban logistics plan; SULP; City logistics; urban freight transport1-1110.35117/A_ENG_19_12_01Pobierz
2ENG122019Szaciłło Lucyna, Zielaskiewicz HenrykDevelopment of intermodal transport in the Kujawsko-Pomorskie Region on the example of construction of the intermodal terminal in EmilianowoIntermodal terminal, rail-road; Kujawsko-Pomorskie; Railway Bydgoszcz-Emilianowo12-2010.35117/A_ENG_19_12_02Pobierz
3ENG122019Dyduch Janusz, Paś Jacek, Jakubowski KrzysztofElectronic safety systems used on a vast railway area – operational problemsOperation; Electronic security systems; Railway facilities21-2910.35117/A_ENG_19_12_03Pobierz