Volume 2018

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NoLanguageIssueYearAuthor / AuthorsTitleKeywordsContent (scope range)DOI:Download link
1ENG12018Tyburska AgataAssumptions of CPTED theory immunization in the critical infrastructure of the airportTerrorism; Safe areas; Immunization; Critical infrastructure1-910.35117/A_ENG_18_01_01Pobierz
2ENG12018Konieczka RobertDefines causes and the circumstance of air accidents in preparatory conducts connected with their appearingCause of an air accident; Air accident; Iinvestigation of the causes of the accident10-1610.35117/A_ENG_18_01_02Pobierz
3ENG12018Kaczyńska SylwiaSafety and security. Civil liability of airport operatorAirport operator; Airport; Civil liability; Passenger17-2610.35117/A_ENG_18_01_03Pobierz
4ENG12018Loroch Leszek, Okniński Adam, Rarata Grzegorz, Surmacz Paweł, Kacprzak Mariusz, Krawczyk Mariusz, Cieśliński Dawid, Sobczak Kamil, Wolański Piotr
Space technology at the Institute of AviationSpace technology; Rocket technology; Satellite technology27-3610.35117/A_ENG_18_01_04Pobierz
5ENG12018Kasprzyk Piotr, Doskocz MikołajExtension of the competence of the European Aviation Safety Agency to public use airportsEuropean Aviation Safety Agency; Public use aerodrome; Aerodrome certificate37-4410.35117/A_ENG_18_01_05Pobierz
6ENG12018Loroch Leszek, Okniński Adam, Rarata Grzegorz, Surmacz Paweł, Kacprzak Mariusz,Space technology at the Institute of AviationSpace technology; Rocket technology; Satellite technology45-5310.35117/A_ENG_18_01_06Pobierz
1ENG22018Krawczyk Mariusz, Cieśliński Dawid, Sobczak Kamil, Wolański PiotrSpatial development and transport accessibility in Wroclaw suburbs, for example Siechnice, Smolec and DługołękaCity transport; Suburbanization; Communication failure1-1010.35117/A_ENG_18_02_01Pobierz
2ENG22018Borowska-Stefańska Marta, Wiśniewski SzymonAccessibility to park in Łódź in view of individual transport, public transport
and cycling
Transport accessibility; Parks; Łódź.10-2110.35117/A_ENG_18_02_02Pobierz
3ENG22018Abramek Karol F., Regulski PawełAnalysis of public transport connections along the railway line No. 406 on the section Szczecin Główny – PoliceRail; Public transport; Travel time22-3110.35117/A_ENG_18_02_03Pobierz
4ENG22018Konopko Mariola, Wysocka Małgorzata EwaOrganic subsoil assessment using GPR methodGround penetrating radar method (GPR), Non-invasive ground investigation, Organic soils32-4110.35117/A_ENG_18_02_04Pobierz
5ENG22018Kozłowska Małgorzata KlaudiaSpecial roads act as a legal instrument which improve road investments in PolandRoad infrastructure; Public road; Special road act42-5010.35117/A_ENG_18_02_05Pobierz
1ENG32018Smolarski MateuszRailway border crossings on Polish-Czech borderland.Polish-Czech borderland; Railway transport; Border crossings1-710.35117/A_ENG_18_03_01Pobierz
2ENG32018Taylor Zbigniew, Ciechański ArielForeign Direct Investment in non-urban public transport in Visegrad Group (V4) countriesNon-urban public transport; FDI; The Visegrad Group8-2010.35117/A_ENG_18_03_02Pobierz
3ENG32018Marciszewska Elżbieta, Bergel Izabela, Matuška Jaroslav,
Záhorová Věra
Problems of Disabled Persons in Public Transport in Poland in Light of Research in V4 CountriesDisabled Persons; Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM); Public Transport21-3310.35117/A_ENG_18_03_03Pobierz
4ENG32018Kozłowska Małgorzata KlaudiaPlan for sustainable development of collective public transport as a tool to shape the passenger transport market in PolandPlan for sustainable development of collective public transport; Transport plan; Collective public transport34-4310.35117/A_ENG_18_03_04Pobierz
5ENG32018Kozłowska Małgorzata Klaudia, Kalinka KarolThe activities of local governments units in the field of a development of local railway transportLocal government unit; Railway transport; Railway; Law44-5110.35117/A_ENG_18_03_05Pobierz
1ENG42018Skupień Emilia, Rydlewski MateuszAnalysis of the influence of traffic lights on the functioning of public transport within Kosciuszko square in WroclawTraffic control; Traffic engineering; Traffic lights1-1010.35117/A_ENG_18_04_01Pobierz
2ENG42018Bergel Izabela, Marciszewska Elżbieta, Matuška Jaroslav, Záhorová VěraProblems of Disabled Persons in Public Transport in the Czech Republic in the Light of Results of Research Conducted in PolandDisabled Persons; Passengers with Reduced Mobility (PRM); Public Transport11-1910.35117/A_ENG_18_04_02Pobierz
3ENG42018Menes MaciejDevelopment of individual motorism in Poland in 1990-2015Individual Motorism; Road Transport; Passenger Cars20-3610.35117/A_ENG_18_04_03Pobierz
4ENG42018Fortońska AgnieszkaMeasures for the combat of aviation terrorismAirport Terrorism; Security; Terrorist Attack37-4510.35117/A_ENG_18_04_04Pobierz
1ENG52018Kwiatkowska Ewelina, Fiebig WiesławInfluence of the use of spring vibration isolators in the construction of track pavement for damping vibrations from the trackSpring vibration isolators; Damping of track pavement1-910.35117/A_ENG_18_05_01Pobierz
2ENG52018Stencel GrzegorzStudy of lateral wear of needles in railway switchesSwitch blade; Wear; Switches10-1410.35117/A_ENG_18_05_02Pobierz
3ENG52018Guillaume G., Huguet S.Best practices for the monitoring of railway assetsRailway, Monitoring; Turnout; Predictive; Maintenance; Sensors; Measurement15-2610.35117/A_ENG_18_05_03Pobierz
4ENG52018Plucińska ElżbietaAnalysis of the infrastructure and organization of public transport at the Poznań Główny Railway StationPublic transport; Railway station; Interchange27-3710.35117/A_ENG_18_05_04Pobierz
5ENG52018Jurkowski WojciechIntegration of main bus and railway stations in voivodship cities in PolandRailway Station; Bus Station; Transport Node38-4610.35117/A_ENG_18_05_05Pobierz
6ENG52018Stoeck TomaszAnalysis of the development and safety of cycling in SzczecinTwo-wheel vehicle; Road accidents and collisions; "Bike S" system47-5710.35117/A_ENG_18_05_06Pobierz
7ENG52018Świątecki PiotrRegulation on the Central Communication PortRegulation; Central Communication Port58-6210.35117/A_ENG_18_05_07Pobierz
8ENG52018Kociubiński JakubConstruction of Central Communication Airport from the perspective of subsidy lawCentral Communication Airport; State Aid; EU Law63-7010.35117/A_ENG_18_05_08Pobierz
1ENG62018Czyczuła Włodzimierz, Błaszkiewicz Dorota, Urbanek MałgorzataWork of a railway sleeper as a structure with variable cross-section - the issue of an equivalent cross-sectionRailway surface; Moment of inertia of sleeper; Analytical model; Numerical model1-1210.35117/A_ENG_18_06_01Pobierz
2ENG62018Gisterek IgorResilient pads with custom designed stiffnessResilient pad; Railway; Railway track13-2010.35117/A_ENG_18_06_02Pobierz
3ENG62018Bryja Danuta, Popiołek AdamVibrations of the overhead catenary caused by the passage of a high-speed train through the track stiffness discontinuityVibration simulations; Overhead catenary; Pantographs; High-Speed train; Railway track; Track stiffness discontinuity21-3110.35117/A_ENG_18_06_03Pobierz
4ENG62018Sołkowski Juliusz, Siemieński DawidTesting and evaluation of railway pavement construction stiffness based on a new testing methodRailway pavement; Measurements; Pavement diagnostics; FWD; Stiffness32-4210.35117/A_ENG_18_06_04Pobierz
5ENG62018Makuch JacekActivities indispensable for starting of an attractive suburban rail system on the example of WrocławSuburban rail; Rail transport infrastructure43-5310.35117/A_ENG_18_06_05Pobierz
6ENG62018Lewiński AndrzejSecurity of Railway Control Systems and new information technologiesRailway Control Systems; Fail-Safe; Tolerable hazard rate; Probability of critical failure54-6810.35117/A_ENG_18_06_06Pobierz
7ENG62018Kaczorek Maciej, Falana AleksandraTechnical asset management as basis for rational planning of railroad infrastructure maintenance and development – assumptions and systems reviewTechnical asset management; Asset management; Railroad infrastructure maintenance; Investment; Railroad infrastructure development69-8010.35117/A_ENG_18_06_07Pobierz
8ENG62018Engelhardt JuliuszCalculation of access charges for rail infrastructure in the light of European Union’s regulationsRail infrastructure; Charges; Charges differentiating81-8810.35117/A_ENG_18_06_08Pobierz
1ENG72018Czyczuła Włodzimierz, Chudyba ŁukaszDynamic response of rail track in longitudinal directionRail track; Braking/Accelerating of train; Analytical track models; Rail longitudinal displacements1-910.35117/A_ENG_18_07_01Pobierz
2ENG72018Spławińska MalwinaAnalysis of the bus traffic volume on highest classes roadsRural roads; Traffic flow variability; Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) of buses10-2110.35117/A_ENG_18_07_02Pobierz
3ENG72018Bąk Iwona, Szczecińska BeataExpenditures of 50+ Households on transport and communications - statistical analysis50+ Households; Econometric Model; Transport and Communication Expenditures22-2910.35117/A_ENG_18_07_03Pobierz
4ENG72018Kwiatkowska EwelinaRAMS for railway turnoutsRail RAMS; Quality of turnouts30-3510.35117/A_ENG_18_07_04Pobierz
5ENG72018Wontorski PawełThe concept of an integrated rail transit system in Radom with tram-trainsTram-train; Urban rail transit; Radom36-4910.35117/A_ENG_18_07_05Pobierz
1ENG82018Zajfert MichałThe influence of qualitative factors in urban public transport in Poland on the substitution of means of transportPublic transport; Urban transport; Public utilities1-1110.35117/A_ENG_18_08_01Pobierz
2ENG82018Drabicki Arkadiusz, Szarata Andrzej, Kucharski RafałSimulation analysis of the western 3rd ring road project in Krakow and its forecast impact upon the urban transport network performanceKrakow 3rd ring road; Simulation analysis; Transportation model12-2410.35117/A_ENG_18_08_02Pobierz
3ENG82018Lewandowski Patryk Damian, Pachnicz MichałApplication of ash and slag mixtures in the road construction: current directives and recommendationsAsh and slag mixtures; Base layer25-3110.35117/A_ENG_18_08_03Pobierz
4ENG82018Kwiatkowska EwelinaInnovative research methods of diagnostics turnoutResearch methods of railway track; Railway turnouts; Track dynamics32-3910.35117/A_ENG_18_08_04Pobierz
5ENG82018Odziemczyk Waldemar, Woźniak MarekAnalysis of railway track geometry measurement methods usabilityTrack Geometry; Railway Track Alignment; Geodetic Measurements; Trolley Systems; GNSS40-5010.35117/A_ENG_18_08_05Pobierz
1ENG92018Linka Anita, Wróblewska AgnieszkaIntelligent system of airspace surveillance and security in the real timeSafety of aviation; Aerobatics; Security and surveillance systems1-710.35117/A_ENG_18_09_01Pobierz
2ENG92018Linka Anita, Wróblewska AgnieszkaIncreasing safety level of airport ground operations by implementing an autonomous system of supervision and securitySafety of aviation; Airports; Satellite systems8-1410.35117/A_ENG_18_09_02Pobierz
3ENG92018Wesołowski Mariusz, Kowalska Danuta, Kowalewska Agata, Rumak AleksandraApplication of geogrids to ensure the load-bearing capacity of natural airfield pavementsNatural airfield pavements; Reinforcement with geogrids Load bearing capacity15-2710.35117/A_ENG_18_09_03Pobierz
4ENG92018Łęczycki KrzysztofSelected issues of materials testing of rolling bearings adapted to work in elevated temperaturesRolling bearings; Aviation turbine engine; Rolling bearings failure; Materials testing28-3910.35117/A_ENG_18_09_04Pobierz
5ENG92018Krupińska AnnaSelected problems of material testing of damaged compressor disks made of titanium alloysMaterial testing; Damages; Compressor blades; Titanium alloys40-5010.35117/A_ENG_18_09_05Pobierz
6ENG92018Dyduch Janusz, Zielaskiewicz HenrykThe network layout of terminals is a condition for the further development of intermodal transportTSL field; Intermodal transport; Terminal network; National operator51-5710.35117/A_ENG_18_09_06Pobierz
1ENG102018Bednarek WłodzimierzInfluence of train wheel load and arising support imperfections of railway jointless track on its work during operatingTrack’s imperfections; Unevenness simulation; Flat place on wheel1-1010.35117/A_ENG_18_10_01Pobierz
2ENG102018Mieloszyk Eligiusz, Grulkowski Sławomir, Milewska AnitaHazardous material-related propagation of the effects of train accidents in the subgradeRailway disasters; Dangerous materials; The effects of disasters11-1810.35117/A_ENG_18_10_02Pobierz
3ENG102018Makuch JacekProblems on the edge of tram track subgrade and road street constructionTram track; Subgrade19-2610.35117/A_ENG_18_10_03Pobierz
4ENG102018Siewczyński Łucjan, Pawłowski MichałWays of identifying the reasons for the lack of full protective layer application effectsRailroad; Subgrade; Protective layer27-3410.35117/A_ENG_18_10_04Pobierz
5ENG102018Pawłowski Michał, Protosawicki Kamil, Straszewski WojciechImpact ways of limiting train traffic for the duration of subgrade worksSubgrade, Subgrade works; Track closures35-4110.35117/A_ENG_18_10_05Pobierz
6ENG102018Machelski CzesławConstruction loads of the soil-steel structuresSoil-steel structures; The backfilling ground impact of the shell; Minimum backfilling cover depth; Construction loads42-5310.35117/A_ENG_18_10_06Pobierz
1ENG112018Ziółkowski RobertIdentification of road parameters affecting the sectional speed of motor vehicles on rural roadsSectional speed; Road geometry parameters1-810.35117/A_ENG_18_11_01Pobierz
2ENG112018Kruszyna MaciejHow to terminate the Bielany InterchangeRoad interchanges; A4 motorway; Bielany Wroclawskie9-1710.35117/A_ENG_18_11_02Pobierz
3ENG112018Polecki ArkadiuszPavement structures highways and expressways on the Lower Silesia area. State of the end 2018`s.Highways, Expressway, Pavement structure.18-3010.35117/A_ENG_18_11_03Pobierz
4ENG112018Szydło Antoni , Mackiewicz PiotrAnalysis of the costs of construction and maintenance of rigid and flexible pavementsConcrete pavement; Asphalt pavement; Construction costs; Maintenance costs31-4210.35117/A_ENG_18_11_04Pobierz
5ENG112018Budziński Bartosz, Majer StanisławIndividual approach to road surfaces in design and build delivery systemPavement; Design and build43-4810.35117/A_ENG_18_11_05Pobierz
6ENG112018Jaskula Piotr, Szydlowski Cezary, Stienss MarcinInfluence of bitumen type on cracking resistance of asphalt mixtures used in pavement overlaysCracking resistance; Pavement; Texas Overlay Tester49-5910.35117/A_ENG_18_11_06Pobierz
7ENG112018Skotnicki Lukasz, Kuzniewski JaroslawApplication of recycled concrete aggregate in mineral-cement-emulsion mixturesRecycling; MCE mixture; Reclaimed concrete. 60-7110.35117/A_ENG_18_11_07Pobierz
8ENG112018Krawczyk Bartłomiej, Stilger-Szydło ElżbietaSuitability of recycled concrete aggregate for transportation infrastructure embankments and improved subgradeRecycling concrete aggregate; Unbound layers; Cement bound layers; Road embankments72-8410.35117/A_ENG_18_11_08Pobierz
9ENG112018Mieczkowski Paweł, Jurczak Robert, Budziński BartoszAsphalt concretes with metal-organic frameworks for highways and expressway road surfacesAsphalt concret; Metal-organic catalyst (MOC)85-9310.35117/A_ENG_18_11_09Pobierz
10ENG112018Mackiewicz Piotr, Szydło AntoniAnalysis of the impact of concrete pavement finishing technologies on selected exploitation traitsTexture; Roughness; Concrete Pavement; Continuously Reinforced (no joints) Pavement; IRI; MPD94-10510.35117/A_ENG_18_11_10Pobierz
11ENG112018Jaskula Piotr, Jaczewski Mariusz, Ryś Dawid, Pszczola MarekField assessment of low-temperature cracks and bearing capacity of selected road sections in North-Eastern PolandLow-temperature cracking; Bearing capacity; Pavement106-11510.35117/A_ENG_18_11_11Pobierz
12ENG112018Mączka ErykHealing process in Mineral asphalt mixturesMineral asphalt mixes, Healing, energy, Structural damage, Stiffness, Amount of repetitive loading116-12710.35117/A_ENG_18_11_12Pobierz
1ENG122018Puzio Łukasz, Milewski Mateusz, Sklorz Robert, Tofil ArkadiuszUnstabilized approach in aviation training on the basis of the fliight data monitoring (FDM4GA)Unstabilized; Monitoring; Event1-610.35117/A_ENG_18_12_01Pobierz
2ENG122018Wesołowski Mariusz, Blacha Krzysztof, Iwanowski Paweł, Pietruszewski PawełRole and function of natural airfield pavements in the system ensuring air operation safetyNatural airfield pavements; Load capacity; Flight safety7-1610.35117/A_ENG_18_12_02Pobierz
3ENG122018Kaźmierczyk Franciszek, Nita PiotrAirfield pavements on the lake ice sheetsLake ice sheet; Flight operation; Hertz equation17-2710.35117/A_ENG_18_12_03Pobierz
4ENG122018Wesołowski Mariusz, Blacha Krzysztof, Kowalewska Agata, Iwanowski PawełAssessment of anti-skid properties of airfield pavements using devices for friction coefficient continuous measurementAnti-skid properties; Friction coefficient; CFME28-3910.35117/A_ENG_18_12_04Pobierz
5ENG122018Wesołowski Mariusz, Pietruszewski Paweł, Poświata Adam, Kowalska DanutaThe evaluation of airfield pavements in light of applicable normative documentsAirfield pavements; Airfield pavement evenness; Airfield pavement evenness state evaluation40-5110.35117/A_ENG_18_12_05Pobierz
6ENG122018Wesołowski Mariusz, Świerzewski BartoszA concrete prefabricated slab as a technology for reconstructing damaged, local airfield pavementsAirfield pavements; Cement concrete; Deterioration of concrete pavements; Load-Bearing capacity of airfield pavements made of cement concrete; Prefabricated slab51-6410.35117/A_ENG_18_12_06Pobierz
7ENG122018Pożarycki Andrzej, Moralewski Tomasz, Wesołowski MariuszSkid resistance properties of airport pavements using a device with artificially enforced vertical pressureSkid resistance; Airport pavements65-7610.35117/A_ENG_18_12_07Pobierz
8ENG122018Kozłowski MichałStandardization and integration of the airport master plan design processAirport Master Plan; Project management; Standardization and Integration77-8610.35117/A_ENG_18_12_08Pobierz
9ENG122018Galant MartaAnalysis of the possibilities of general aviation safety increasing through the use of new technologiesSafety; Air transport; General Aviation87-9410.35117/A_ENG_18_12_09Pobierz
10ENG122018Machelski Czesław, Korusiewicz LeszekInvestigations of contact interactions in buried corrugated metal structure by means of strain gaugesBuried corrugated metal structures; Contact interactions; Static loads; Tensometric measurements; Laboratory tests95-10810.35117/A_ENG_18_12_10Pobierz