Volume 2021

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NoLanguageIssueYearAuthor / AuthorsTitleKeywordsContent (scope range)DOI:Download link
1ENG12021Bień JanCharacteristic degradation processes and defects of reinforced concrete bridges Reinforced concrete bridges; Degradation stimulators; Degradation mechanisms; Degradation processes; Damage1-1810.35117/A_ENG_21_01_01Pobierz
2ENG12021Siworski Tomasz, Rajchel MateuszFatigue assessment of 100 years old riveted truss railway bridgeRailway bridge; Steel structure; Truss, riveted joints; Fatigue life 19-3110.35117/A_ENG_21_01_02Pobierz
3ENG12021Machelski CzesławCharacteristic changes the bending moments in shell of soil-steel structures Soil-steel structures; Corrugated sheets; Bending moments; forecast32-4010.35117/A_ENG_21_01_03Pobierz
1ENG22021Korzeń MariuszConcept of cross – city rail route in Wrocław to create the LRT systemRailway tunel; Cross – city route; Agglomeration railway; Wrocław 1-610.35117/A_ENG_21_02_01Pobierz
2ENG22021Szczepanek WojciechThe analysis of safety and traffic conditions on Orląt Lwowskich Square in Wrocław Traffic analysis; Safety; Road capacity; Tramway; Rebuilding; Traffic conditions 7-1410.35117/A_ENG_21_02_02Pobierz
3ENG22021Bójko Justyna, Puto MałgorzataExclusion of a contractor from participation in a public procurement procedure as a result of contract termination for reasons attributable to them Exclusion; Contract 15-2110.35117/A_ENG_21_02_03Pobierz
1ENG32021Machelski Czesław, Michalski JanScheme analysis of the structure founded on the piles in soil-steel bridgeSoil-steel bridges; Flexible foundation; Static scheme; Investigation1-1210.35117/A_ENG_21_03_01Pobierz
2ENG32021Skotnicki ŁukaszApplication of rubber dust in modified asphalts for SMA mixtures Asphalt mixture; SMA mixture; rubber asphalt; Recycling; Dynamic viscosity13-2310.35117/A_ENG_21_03_02Pobierz
1ENG42021Lesiak PiotrDrones in the inspection of railway engineering facilities Uavs, Photogrammetry; Inspection, Railway; Bridges And Viaducts1-1010.35117/A_ENG_21_04_01Pobierz
2ENG42021Leszczyńska Wioletta, Pszczoła MarekAnalysis of equivalent temperature to design of asphalt pavements in Poland using the AASHTO 2004 method Pavement design; Equivalent temperature; Fatigue life; AASHTO 2004 method 11-2210.35117/A_ENG_21_04_02Pobierz
3ENG42021Świątecki PiotrContracts for the management of state-owned enterprises in the Ministry of Transport in the 1990s State-owned enterprise; Management contract; Transport 23-2810.35117/A_ENG_21_04_03Pobierz
1ENG52021Dąbrowski JózefPossible electrochemical corrosion of rails on a railway track electrified with direct current Electrified railway route; Stray currents; Electrochemical corrosion1-1110.35117/A_ENG_21_05_01Pobierz
2ENG52021Brona Przemysław, Stencel GrzegorzThe issue of accessibility of passengers to trains from platforms, analyzed in the IN2STEMPO project, implemented as part of the Shift2Rail initiativeAccessibility; Railway infrastructure 12-1910.35117/A_ENG_21_05_02Pobierz
3ENG52021Garlikowska MagdalenaThe formal and legal process of conducting an independent risk management assessment in rail transport Independent assessment; Security; Risk assessment; Risk management20-2610.35117/A_ENG_21_05_03Pobierz
4ENG52021Bójko Justyna, Wach MarlenaProvisions on the protection of whistle-blowers' rights-27-3010.35117/A_ENG_21_05_04Pobierz
1ENG6-72021Kużawa Mieszko, Mróz Aleksander, Kliński Maksymilian, Bień Jan, Rabiega JózefModeling the vehicle-bridge interaction in the conditions of road level deformation Dynamic analysis of bridges; Bridge vibrations; Finite Element Method; Structure deformations 1-1110.35117/A_ENG_21_06_07_01Pobierz
2ENG6-72021Korzeń Mariusz, Gisterek IgorCreate of the Agglomeration Railway in Wrocław with the use of new cross-city sections Agglomeration railway; Wrocław; Cross – city route 12-2010.35117/A_ENG_21_06_07_02Pobierz
3ENG6-72021Lalewicz Piotr, Bryja DanutaVisco-elastic contact spring in numerical simulations of train – track system vibrations Wheel/rail contact; Hertz contact; Linearized contact spring; Train/track dynamics 21-3410.35117/A_ENG_21_06_07_03Pobierz
1ENG82021Rawicki Łukasz, Słania JacekDefectoscopic examinations of railway railsVT research; MFL method; MPM method; AFCM method; UT method, PA technique1-910.35117/A_ENG_21_08_01Pobierz
2ENG82021Kruszyna Maciej, Makuch JacekThe concept of the extension of the railway overpass in the central part of WWKAgglomeration railway; Cross-city route; Railway overpass; WWK (Wrocław Railway Node) 10-1710.35117/A_ENG_21_08_02Pobierz
3ENG82021Koc WładysławShaping the turnout diverging track with nonlinear curvature for enhanced speed Railway turnouts; Diverging track; Curvature modelling; Selection of geometrical parameters 18-3010.35117/A_ENG_21_08_03Pobierz
1ENG9-10-112021Świerzewski Bartosz, Wesołowski MariuszAn innovative constructional and technical method of using a prefabricated, dowelled reinforced concrete slab for effective repairs of airport pavements Prefabricated slab; Airport; Airport pavements; Carrying capacity; Damage to concrete pavements; Dowels; Security 1-1210.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_01Pobierz
2ENG9-10-112021Linek Małgorzata, Nita Piotr, Poświata AdamTechnical diagnostics and reliability development of concrete airfield pavements in modernization and reconstruction progressPavement reliability; Quality of pavement works; Operational condition; AFE (airport functional elements) 13-2010.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_02Pobierz
3ENG9-10-112021Szynkiewicz AdamExamples of the use of GPR for research at airportsGPR; Airport surfaces21-2710.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_03Pobierz
4ENG9-10-112021Kowalewska Agata, Pietruszewski Paweł, Blacha KrzysztofAirport grating as a fast and effective method of improving the load-bearing capacity of natural airport pavementsLoad capacity; CBR; Natural airport pavement; Safety of air operations 28-3710.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_04Pobierz
5ENG9-10-112021Pajurek Aleksandra, Iwanowski Paweł, Kowalska DanutaAtmospheric corrosivity assessment on the basis of standard specimens’ corrosion rates within the military air basesAtmospheric corrosion; Corrosion rate; Standard specimens; Military air bases 38-4610.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_05Pobierz
6ENG9-10-112021Wesołowski Mariusz, Blacha Krzysztof, Włodarski PiotrTexture of airport pavements in terms of their drainage efficiencyDrainage of airport pavements; Texture of airport pavements; Safety of air operations 47-5510.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_06Pobierz
7ENG9-10-112021Wesołowski Mariusz, Poteraj-Oleksiak Agata, Kowalska DanutaStabilization of the subsoil and leveling of concrete paving slabsconcrete pavement; Geotechnical injections; Keystroke plates 56-6610.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_07Pobierz
8ENG9-10-112021Skotnicki Łukasz, Kuźniewski JarosławApplication of reclaimed asphalt in recycled road pavementsMCE mixture; Road pavement recycling; Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP); Cement dusty by-products 68-7910.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_08Pobierz
9ENG9-10-112021Kruszyna MaciejIntegration of Polish airports with local rail transport Airport; Local rail transport; Integration80-8610.35117/A_ENG_21_09_10_11_09Pobierz
1ENG122021Rymsza Barbara, Kacperczak KrzysztofOptimizing of restricted parking spaces – examples from the NetherlandsTransport policy; Parking spaces; People with disabilities 1-610.35117/A_ENG_21_12_01Pobierz
2ENG122021Pasztetnik AgataReview of road pavement heating methodsHeated pavements; Winter maintenance 7-1510.35117/A_ENG_21_12_02Pobierz
3ENG122021Majewski JakubDecarbonization of rail transport as an element of climate policy Sustainable transport; Railway; Climate policy; Emissions reduction 16-2210.35117/A_ENG_21_12_03Pobierz